Graham chronofighter oversize watch for sale $5000


cal. G.1722 jewelled automatic lever movement • black dial, luminescent baton indexes, engine-turned subsidiary dials for constant seconds and 30-minute register • stainless steel case, chronograph pusher to the crown with fast action start/stop trigger, back secured by 8 screws • case, dial and movement signed • with a stainless steel Graham buckle
diameter 47 mm

Dial and hands in very good condition. The case with signs of very light wear, scuffing to the lugs and band

$5000 USD

Canada Goose jackets are up to 45% cheaper in Canada!


Canada Goose has quickly become a global luxury brand. It plans on going public on the US stock exchange within the next 2 months at a $2 Billion + market cap! Last year I was in Paris and London, people were wearing these jackets everywhere! In Asia, especially China stores can not keep up with demand. As a Canadian its a great success story and an example to show my kids on how a Canadian Company can stand out on the world stage.

For once Canada Goose is also a product that is the Cheapest in Canada. Lets take a look at a big seller, the Woman’s Canada Goose Victoria fur trimmed Parka. The fur used in this jacket is Coyote. Which for you animal rights activists is just as big of a menace in Canada as rats are in New York City,

I will put all costs in US dollars for the benefit of my US readers

Canadian Cost $639.09 USD

USA Cost $850.00 USD

UK Cost $928.80 USD

France Cost $899.09 USD

Buying from the Canadian Website saves you 33% in the USA, 45% in the UK and 40% in France.

I have never seen Canada Goose go on sale online so make sure that you check Canadian Retailers first before you buy anywhere else in the world.

I recently saw a US based actress wearing this exact jacket in the Niagra Grape color on Instagram and she looked great!!!!

If you need a Canadian Address to get these products shipped to, check out, they offer world wide shipping at reasonable rates.

Canada Goose has started carrying a Spring and Summer line that looks great as well. I hope the brand stays true to its Canadian Roots and does not get manufacturing done in China.




Top 10 Online Lego Retailers in Canada


With the low Canadian Dollar virtually all Lego sets are cheaper in Canada then the USA.

the most expensive set on the shop is the Lego Death Star 75159, it is priced at $500 US Dollars or $600 Canadian Dollars when you change the Lego Shop to the Canadian version. At Current exchange rates the Canadian price equals $442.00 US. That is a Savings of $58 USD if you purchase the product in Canada.

Here is the top ten list

  10. have some retired sets at great prices too)

Hatchimals for the 2016 Holiday shopping list

I was able to snap up 50 Hatchimals from for $79.99 before they ran out of stock.

Then in their infinite wisdom Walmart decided to do a price roll back to $59.99.

I was able to get a $1000 credit once i contacted them.

Looks like it will make me a little bit of profit , as they are selling in the $200+ range on ebay.

I will update as we get closer to christmas

Prepartion H with Biodyne from Canada

I just purchased some Preparation-H with Biodyne from

they have the best prices that I could find for Preparation H that has Biodyne in it. Biodyne is the ingredient that has been proven to reduce wrinkles. I use the product mostly on my face and under my eyes.

$8.99 + $5.00 shipping for a small tube of either the ointment or cream

Savant (Litetouch) equipment for sale

Savant Systems 8 Channel High Power Relay Module LMR-8120-00 (new in box) $700.00

let me know how many you need

savantrelay savantrelay2

Commodore 64 original software for sale

all are original 5.25 disks with no box or instructions

The Goonies $25.00

Omega (2 disks) $5.00

Sinbad and the throne of the falcon $15.00

Upper reaches of apshai $25.00

Batman the caped crusader $10.00

Battletech the crescent hawks inception $25.00

Legacy of the ancients $75.00

Wasteland (2 disks) $100.00

Bards Tale II the destiny knight (2 disks) $15.00

Super Huey II $25.00

Project Firestart (2 disks) $50.00

Legend of black silver (2 disks) $50.00

Moebius the orb of celestial harmony $35.00

Windwalker $25.00

Loadstar various disks $5.00 each

Easyscript (with box) $20.00

Loadstar various disks $5.00 each


willing to look at offers on the whole lot

Top USA Sporting Goods Websites

Here is a list of the top USA sporting goods websites Recreation Equipment inc Academy Sports and Outdoors Bass Pro Shops Dicks Sporting Goods Gander Mountain Sportsmans Warehouse Cheaper Than Dirt



Vintage Handheld LED Video Game Lot

included are the following games

Little Professor with box , Texas Instruments

Speak and Spell (6 units), TI

Speak and Math (2 units), TI

Speak and Read (2 units), TI

Dataman, TI

Math Marvel, TI

Maniac , Ideal Toy 1979

Head to Head Hockey , Coleco with box and instructions

Head to Head Baseball , Coleco (5 units)

Hockey , Mattel

Soccer, Mattel (3 units)

Merlin , Parker Brothers (7 units, 3 with box)

Electronic Crime Scanner , Parker Brothers

Championship Electronic Golf, Tandy

Compu-Bowl, Tomy (3 units)

Amaze-A-Tron , Coleco (2 units)

Baseball, Sears

Space Invaders, Entex (2 units)

Championship Football, Tandy (2 units)

Football 3 , Entex

Electronic Baseball, Entex

Pocket Simon, Milton Bradley

Trick Shot Basketball, Tandy

Football , Tandy with box 60-2156

Bank Shot

Digital Derby , Tomy 1978

Blip, Tomy 1977 (2 units)

Football , Mattel 1977 with box

Super Cobra , Entex

21 Jimmy The Greek, Unisonic

Caveman, Tandy

Basketball, Bambino

Talking Computron, 1986 Video Tech (2 units)

About half of the items are missing battery covers and have all been in storage for over 20 years


PT Sol computer original software

2 new PT Sol computer datasette software programs

Clinic – Biorhythm Diet Longevity G2H-1044 (new sealed box)
Beat The House – Blackjack,Craps,Roulette,Slot Machine G2E-10034