Virtually unknown online cosmetics store in the Top 100 Retailer list from my previous post

I noticed that Paula’s choice was popping up in the top 30 of my top 100 websites in the USA that international purchasers are purchasing from.

Paula’s choice has a large selection of products and they do ship internationally at reasonable rates.

upon further investigation of the site I noticed what I think is the reason foreign customers are shipping to a US location and then using a reship service to send it abroad.

They offer a reseller program (called the Partner Program) that gives you 40% off of all retail prices plus a lot of other benefits including:

-free shipping within the USA

-free samples of new products with every order

-free educational material

They specifically state that this program is not available in Canada.

you must have a US address to take advantage of this. Must be due to their agreements with large suppliers. But the huge discount offered makes in beneficial to deal with the extra steps required.