Vintage Handheld LED Video Game Lot

included are the following games

Little Professor with box , Texas Instruments

Speak and Spell (6 units), TI

Speak and Math (2 units), TI

Speak and Read (2 units), TI

Dataman, TI

Math Marvel, TI

Maniac , Ideal Toy 1979

Head to Head Hockey , Coleco with box and instructions

Head to Head Baseball , Coleco (5 units)

Hockey , Mattel

Soccer, Mattel (3 units)

Merlin , Parker Brothers (7 units, 3 with box)

Electronic Crime Scanner , Parker Brothers

Championship Electronic Golf, Tandy

Compu-Bowl, Tomy (3 units)

Amaze-A-Tron , Coleco (2 units)

Baseball, Sears

Space Invaders, Entex (2 units)

Championship Football, Tandy (2 units)

Football 3 , Entex

Electronic Baseball, Entex

Pocket Simon, Milton Bradley

Trick Shot Basketball, Tandy

Football , Tandy with box 60-2156

Bank Shot

Digital Derby , Tomy 1978

Blip, Tomy 1977 (2 units)

Football , Mattel 1977 with box

Super Cobra , Entex

21 Jimmy The Greek, Unisonic

Caveman, Tandy

Basketball, Bambino

Talking Computron, 1986 Video Tech (2 units)

About half of the items are missing battery covers and have all been in storage for over 20 years