Top 10 Online Lego Retailers in Canada


With the low Canadian Dollar virtually all Lego sets are cheaper in Canada then the USA.

the most expensive set on the shop is the Lego Death Star 75159, it is priced at $500 US Dollars or $600 Canadian Dollars when you change the Lego Shop to the Canadian version. At Current exchange rates the Canadian price equals $442.00 US. That is a Savings of $58 USD if you purchase the product in Canada.

Here is the top ten list

  10. have some retired sets at great prices too)

Hatchimals for the 2016 Holiday shopping list

I was able to snap up 50 Hatchimals from for $79.99 before they ran out of stock.

Then in their infinite wisdom Walmart decided to do a price roll back to $59.99.

I was able to get a $1000 credit once i contacted them.

Looks like it will make me a little bit of profit , as they are selling in the $200+ range on ebay.

I will update as we get closer to christmas

Trash Pack hunting in Europe (UK and Austria)

I just wanted to give an update regarding my search for Trash Packs on a recent trip to Europe.

Harrods in London carried series 2 and series 3, the were priced in pounds (£) the same as they would be in US dollars(this represents a 50% premium).

Hamleys also carried only the series 2 at a slightly lower price.

In Austria outside of Vienna I hit a Toys R US that had series 2 and 3 priced in Euros similar to US dollar pricing in the USA ( 30% premium).

One of the things that I did not like about any of the 2 packs that I bought was the placement of a sticker on the inside of the can showing the name of the local distributor.

Looks to me that this sticker was added after production (this raises the question of what happens if the sticker guy comes across a limited edition trashie).

It was great to have these Trash Packs available on the trip to keep my kids motivated to behave on the long car and plane rides.

We were hoping to come across some series 4 and UFT (Ultimate Fighting Trashies) trash packs, but from what I could tell, they have not been released yet in europe.

picture of the distributors sticker on a trash pack bought at Toys R US in Vienna, Austria

picture of the distributors sticker on a trash pack bought at Toys R US in Vienna, Austria

Running around Boxing Day and week looking for Trash Packs

My kids are into Trashies this month ( I think that they are called Trash Pack, but trashies sounds better to me)

What a great marketing plan these guys have put in place. There are approximately 150 little plastic figures in each series ( they have 4 series to date).

Each one comes in a plastic garbage pail, some are more rare than others but all will be junk and forgotten about in a month.

Toys R Us and London Drugs carry them in Canada at around $1.75 each

Sure enough they are available more plentiful in the USA for around $1.00 and even cheaper if you look online.

The company that makes them is called Moose out of Australia. The next thing I will check is whether or not they are even cheaper in Australia.

Hopefully we will find King Rat which is the rarest out of series one and sells for over $500.00, other good ones are soggy tomato and trash cat.

The hard part will be to convince my kids to sell them on Ebay.

Jan 15,2013 update:

In my quest to find the coveted king rat, soggy tomato and trash cat i noticed that series one is still available in retail stores across canada.

Sure enough they are selling for almost twice as much as Canadian retail on ebay because in the USA, Australia, UK and elsewhere they are sold out of series 1 (the green trash cans)

Check out the toys r us canadian website and they are selling the series 1 12 packs for $12.99.

Only problem is that they will not ship outside of Canada so you need a Canadian address to ship them too.

Ted Baker and Thomas Pink cheaper in the UK

I got a day to head out to the outlet mall In Bicester Village on my recent trip to the UK. All the usual suspects are here at great prices including Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Armani,Dior +++++

The odd thing that I noticed was that the busy stores seemed to be the American Brands Levis,Ralph Lauren and Tory Burch. All the products are priced considerably higher than in the USA.

The opposite was true for UK brands Ted baker and Thomas Pink, the stores were not as busy and the prices were considerably cheaper than in the USA.

This limited research would lead me to believe that you should get a US address to purchase US brands in the USA and a UK address to Purchase UK brands in the UK.

My suitcase was full of Christmas presents when I came home and I have since placed an order online to ship to my UK address and then reship to Canada.

Apple Ipad Mini 16GB Wi-Fi price comparison across multiple Apple websites

Pricing on Apple websites and currency conversion as of Nov 15th 2012

16GB Wi-Fi black ipad mini used to compare across all sites

USA $329.00 USD

Canada $329.00 CDN ($328.18 USD)

UK £269.00 ($426.74 USD)

Australia $369 AUD ($380.59 USD)

New Zealand $479 NZD ($387.70 USD)

according to this data the cheapest place to buy an Ipad mini amongst major english speaking countries is Canada, followed by the USA.

local taxes and shipping charges have not been taken into consideration.