Canada Goose jackets are up to 45% cheaper in Canada!


Canada Goose has quickly become a global luxury brand. It plans on going public on the US stock exchange within the next 2 months at a $2 Billion + market cap! Last year I was in Paris and London, people were wearing these jackets everywhere! In Asia, especially China stores can not keep up with demand. As a Canadian its a great success story and an example to show my kids on how a Canadian Company can stand out on the world stage.

For once Canada Goose is also a product that is the Cheapest in Canada. Lets take a look at a big seller, the Woman’s Canada Goose Victoria fur trimmed Parka. The fur used in this jacket is Coyote. Which for you animal rights activists is just as big of a menace in Canada as rats are in New York City,

I will put all costs in US dollars for the benefit of my US readers

Canadian Cost $639.09 USD

USA Cost $850.00 USD

UK Cost $928.80 USD

France Cost $899.09 USD

Buying from the Canadian Website saves you 33% in the USA, 45% in the UK and 40% in France.

I have never seen Canada Goose go on sale online so make sure that you check Canadian Retailers first before you buy anywhere else in the world.

I recently saw a US based actress wearing this exact jacket in the Niagra Grape color on Instagram and she looked great!!!!

If you need a Canadian Address to get these products shipped to, check out, they offer world wide shipping at reasonable rates.

Canada Goose has started carrying a Spring and Summer line that looks great as well. I hope the brand stays true to its Canadian Roots and does not get manufacturing done in China.




Top 10 Online Lego Retailers in Canada


With the low Canadian Dollar virtually all Lego sets are cheaper in Canada then the USA.

the most expensive set on the shop is the Lego Death Star 75159, it is priced at $500 US Dollars or $600 Canadian Dollars when you change the Lego Shop to the Canadian version. At Current exchange rates the Canadian price equals $442.00 US. That is a Savings of $58 USD if you purchase the product in Canada.

Here is the top ten list

  10. have some retired sets at great prices too)

Hatchimals for the 2016 Holiday shopping list

I was able to snap up 50 Hatchimals from for $79.99 before they ran out of stock.

Then in their infinite wisdom Walmart decided to do a price roll back to $59.99.

I was able to get a $1000 credit once i contacted them.

Looks like it will make me a little bit of profit , as they are selling in the $200+ range on ebay.

I will update as we get closer to christmas

Zeiss Binoculars from shipped to Germany and then picked up in Luxembourg

On my recent trip to Europe I decided to look at the savings of purchasing Zeiss Binoculars from Germany.

Worked out that they were 25% cheaper than in Canada from the Germany Amazon site.

Because I was not going to Germany, but would be in Luxembourg, I found a Germany address provider that would receive my order and then forward it to me in Luxembourg when I was there.

They had a slick system to notify me all along the way, the location of my package.

Being able to buy from all the international Amazon sites definitely opens up a world of savings when shopping online!

Trash Pack hunting in Europe (UK and Austria)

I just wanted to give an update regarding my search for Trash Packs on a recent trip to Europe.

Harrods in London carried series 2 and series 3, the were priced in pounds (£) the same as they would be in US dollars(this represents a 50% premium).

Hamleys also carried only the series 2 at a slightly lower price.

In Austria outside of Vienna I hit a Toys R US that had series 2 and 3 priced in Euros similar to US dollar pricing in the USA ( 30% premium).

One of the things that I did not like about any of the 2 packs that I bought was the placement of a sticker on the inside of the can showing the name of the local distributor.

Looks to me that this sticker was added after production (this raises the question of what happens if the sticker guy comes across a limited edition trashie).

It was great to have these Trash Packs available on the trip to keep my kids motivated to behave on the long car and plane rides.

We were hoping to come across some series 4 and UFT (Ultimate Fighting Trashies) trash packs, but from what I could tell, they have not been released yet in europe.

picture of the distributors sticker on a trash pack bought at Toys R US in Vienna, Austria

picture of the distributors sticker on a trash pack bought at Toys R US in Vienna, Austria

Buying presents for Alberta family this holiday season

So I caved in and bought a couple Ipads for relatives that I have in Edmonton Alberta this Christmas.

I had to pay the 12% HST because I purchased the Ipads from the Apple store in Vancouver, B.C.

I then wrapped and mailed them to Edmonton, Alberta. Everyone was happy including me until I realized if I had bought them in Alberta the sales tax would only have been 5%. (Alberta has no sales tax, the 5% is the federal GST)

Does anyone know of a way that I can get the tax back because the product was shipped out of BC?

Might be a good reason to see who will provide me with a Alberta Address for future purchase like this. An address is Edmonton would be best, but Calgary works as well considering I have to mail the present regardless.

Running around Boxing Day and week looking for Trash Packs

My kids are into Trashies this month ( I think that they are called Trash Pack, but trashies sounds better to me)

What a great marketing plan these guys have put in place. There are approximately 150 little plastic figures in each series ( they have 4 series to date).

Each one comes in a plastic garbage pail, some are more rare than others but all will be junk and forgotten about in a month.

Toys R Us and London Drugs carry them in Canada at around $1.75 each

Sure enough they are available more plentiful in the USA for around $1.00 and even cheaper if you look online.

The company that makes them is called Moose out of Australia. The next thing I will check is whether or not they are even cheaper in Australia.

Hopefully we will find King Rat which is the rarest out of series one and sells for over $500.00, other good ones are soggy tomato and trash cat.

The hard part will be to convince my kids to sell them on Ebay.

Jan 15,2013 update:

In my quest to find the coveted king rat, soggy tomato and trash cat i noticed that series one is still available in retail stores across canada.

Sure enough they are selling for almost twice as much as Canadian retail on ebay because in the USA, Australia, UK and elsewhere they are sold out of series 1 (the green trash cans)

Check out the toys r us canadian website and they are selling the series 1 12 packs for $12.99.

Only problem is that they will not ship outside of Canada so you need a Canadian address to ship them too.

tax on tax for your USA purchases this black friday and holiday season

One thing that bothers me more then anything else is having to pay Canadian sales tax on the total retail price of an item plus the Washington state sales tax when I shop in USA

here is a sample to explain this.

I travel to Wal-Mart in Bellingham, Washington and purchase $500.00 of goods. total price is $500 + 8.7% WA sales tax = $543.50

The when I drive back to Canada and declare my goods at the border, Canada Customs sends me inside to pay 12% HST on my purchases.

But this 12% is not calculated on the $500, it is calculated on the $543.50

the total HST payable is $65.22

I know it is only a $5.22 savings that I am complaining about here but it is the point of it that pisses me off

does anyone else think that this tax on tax is unfair?