Zeiss Binoculars from Amazon.de shipped to Germany and then picked up in Luxembourg

On my recent trip to Europe I decided to look at the savings of purchasing Zeiss Binoculars from Germany.

Worked out that they were 25% cheaper than in Canada from the Germany Amazon site.

Because I was not going to Germany, but would be in Luxembourg, I found a Germany address provider that would receive my order and then forward it to me in Luxembourg when I was there.

They had a slick system to notify me all along the way, the location of my package.

Being able to buy from all the international Amazon sites definitely opens up a world of savings when shopping online!

Trash Pack hunting in Europe (UK and Austria)

I just wanted to give an update regarding my search for Trash Packs on a recent trip to Europe.

Harrods in London carried series 2 and series 3, the were priced in pounds (£) the same as they would be in US dollars(this represents a 50% premium).

Hamleys also carried only the series 2 at a slightly lower price.

In Austria outside of Vienna I hit a Toys R US that had series 2 and 3 priced in Euros similar to US dollar pricing in the USA ( 30% premium).

One of the things that I did not like about any of the 2 packs that I bought was the placement of a sticker on the inside of the can showing the name of the local distributor.

Looks to me that this sticker was added after production (this raises the question of what happens if the sticker guy comes across a limited edition trashie).

It was great to have these Trash Packs available on the trip to keep my kids motivated to behave on the long car and plane rides.

We were hoping to come across some series 4 and UFT (Ultimate Fighting Trashies) trash packs, but from what I could tell, they have not been released yet in europe.

picture of the distributors sticker on a trash pack bought at Toys R US in Vienna, Austria

picture of the distributors sticker on a trash pack bought at Toys R US in Vienna, Austria