does not ship internationally

Europe’s #1 online retailer Amazon does not ship internationally

check out their prices for region free Blu-ray, DVD and video games.

most of them are 50% cheaper than in Canada,USA or Australia

a great site to have the option of shopping with the benefits of a uk address forwarding company


Top Canadian retailers that will not ship internationally including to the USA

I did a quick search through some of the top Canadian Retailers and found the following that would not ship outside of Canada


Canadian Tire


London Drugs

Princess Auto

Toys R Us

sites like Roots and do ship outside Canada but have high shipping charges.

You may ask why someone from the UK,USA,Australia or elsewhere would like to purchase from an online Canadian Retailer.

There are several reasons mostly related to availability of product and pricing that cannot be found elsewhere.

I will be on the lookout for a Canadian Company that provides a Canadian Address, preferably in Alberta to save the 7% PST found in BC

Blaine address for shipping to the USA

Prices at Restoration Hardware in the USA are significantly cheaper than in Canada.

Items of the size I was looking for were way to large to pay for shipping to Canada from the USA.

I decided to use a Blaine address service provider that I had not used before. I have yet to find one that is organized and decided to try one that is mentioned lots online. I will not tell you their name as I do not plan on using them again.

The furniture arrived fairly quickly and I got a phone call (no email option)to come pick it up right away.

I headed across the border with my truck and found that they were storing my new furniture outside in the light rain. When I called them before sending the furniture, they said they were equipped to handle large furniture items, but obviously they were not.

Luckily the rain had yet to soak through the boxes and the furniture was fine. I will once again look for someone better the next time I need to order some large items from the USA.

Buying presents for Alberta family this holiday season

So I caved in and bought a couple Ipads for relatives that I have in Edmonton Alberta this Christmas.

I had to pay the 12% HST because I purchased the Ipads from the Apple store in Vancouver, B.C.

I then wrapped and mailed them to Edmonton, Alberta. Everyone was happy including me until I realized if I had bought them in Alberta the sales tax would only have been 5%. (Alberta has no sales tax, the 5% is the federal GST)

Does anyone know of a way that I can get the tax back because the product was shipped out of BC?

Might be a good reason to see who will provide me with a Alberta Address for future purchase like this. An address is Edmonton would be best, but Calgary works as well considering I have to mail the present regardless.