Size 15 shoes from Zappos in the USA

I was born with big feet.

this is a huge problem being a Canadian.

I went to zappos website and found 25 pages of options.

got them shipped to my US address and then forwarded to my home in Canada.

sure beat walking into 3 malls and a dozen shoe stores to find one dusty pair of shoes that was a style from 3 years ago.

Zappos actually carries mens shoes up to size 21. I hope my kids do not grow up to have big feet, but if they do, at least I know they have options.

Just because they are big, it does not mean I can ski in them.


Further update to my search for selection in larger sizes brought me to oddball shoes in Portland, Oregon. They also have a great selection in size 15 mens shoes and bigger.

They only stock mens shoes between size 13 and 20, unlike zappos I think these guys are more focussed on what I am looking for.

I am going to place an order with them and get it shipped to my Oregon address.

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