Advil Price Comparison (needed to get through the black friday turmoil)

Here is a price comparison of a simple item that is in constant demand worldwide

Advil liqui-gels 240 liquid filled capsules. 200mg of ibuprofen

Amazon uk £29.99 = $47.82 USD

Costco USA $19.99 USD

The price is over $40.00 in Australia and Canada as well.

Must be cheaper to produce in the USA





tax on tax for your USA purchases this black friday and holiday season

One thing that bothers me more then anything else is having to pay Canadian sales tax on the total retail price of an item plus the Washington state sales tax when I shop in USA

here is a sample to explain this.

I travel to Wal-Mart in Bellingham, Washington and purchase $500.00 of goods. total price is $500 + 8.7% WA sales tax = $543.50

The when I drive back to Canada and declare my goods at the border, Canada Customs sends me inside to pay 12% HST on my purchases.

But this 12% is not calculated on the $500, it is calculated on the $543.50

the total HST payable is $65.22

I know it is only a $5.22 savings that I am complaining about here but it is the point of it that pisses me off

does anyone else think that this tax on tax is unfair?

Oriental Trading Company needs a shackup, maybe Warren Buffet will deliver (and by deliver I mean outside the USA)

This post is not about the recent purchase of Oriental Trading Company by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway for $500 million

It is about how they can improve their service.

My wife tried to place an order having it shipped to Canada. (Canada is an option on the site)

Too bad that they will not take a Canadian credit card for payment. They as well make it almost impossible to enter an actual Canadian mailing address.

She had to resort to using her US mailing address at a reship company. She had already added this address to her Canadian credit card as a secondary billing address so there was no problem.

Oriental Trading Company has a lot of cool products that are hard to find elsewhere especially internationally

Virtually unknown online cosmetics store in the Top 100 Retailer list from my previous post

I noticed that Paula’s choice was popping up in the top 30 of my top 100 websites in the USA that international purchasers are purchasing from.

Paula’s choice has a large selection of products and they do ship internationally at reasonable rates.

upon further investigation of the site I noticed what I think is the reason foreign customers are shipping to a US location and then using a reship service to send it abroad.

They offer a reseller program (called the Partner Program) that gives you 40% off of all retail prices plus a lot of other benefits including:

-free shipping within the USA

-free samples of new products with every order

-free educational material

They specifically state that this program is not available in Canada.

you must have a US address to take advantage of this. Must be due to their agreements with large suppliers. But the huge discount offered makes in beneficial to deal with the extra steps required.

Woot daily online deals november 16, 2012 espresso machine deal

Espressione CA4865 Supremma Super-Automatic Coffee/Beverage Center

Listed at usa amazon site for $699.99

Woot selling it for $399.99

This unit would be priced at $1000+ in canada if I could find someone even selling it.

Too bad it was not a nuova simonelli or I might buy one.

Size 15 shoes from Zappos in the USA

I was born with big feet.

this is a huge problem being a Canadian.

I went to zappos website and found 25 pages of options.

got them shipped to my US address and then forwarded to my home in Canada.

sure beat walking into 3 malls and a dozen shoe stores to find one dusty pair of shoes that was a style from 3 years ago.

Zappos actually carries mens shoes up to size 21. I hope my kids do not grow up to have big feet, but if they do, at least I know they have options.

Just because they are big, it does not mean I can ski in them.


Further update to my search for selection in larger sizes brought me to oddball shoes in Portland, Oregon. They also have a great selection in size 15 mens shoes and bigger.

They only stock mens shoes between size 13 and 20, unlike zappos I think these guys are more focussed on what I am looking for.

I am going to place an order with them and get it shipped to my Oregon address.

Woot daily online deals november 15, 2012 gaming keyboard

Amazon’s woot daily site does not ship to Canada.

Todays woot deal includes the following

Razer RZ03-00180100-R3U1 Lycosa Programmable Backlit Gaming Keyboard for $39.99

The same exact product is listed on amazon’s Canadian website for $90.68

The dollar is basically at par right now and both sites charge pretty much the same for shipping.

That puts the woot deal at a 56% savings to the Canadian amazon price tag!

I wonder if you can play the new call of duty on this keyboard. Too bad my old colecovision gives me enough of a challenge or I might give it a try.